A weekend of celebrations!

Congratulations to Scott for graduating from Liberty University!

He is finally finished and we couldn’t be more excited!  We spent pretty much the entire weekend celebrating.  He submitted his last paper on Thursday, December 15, 2011!  He put on a song and pressed submit on the “down beat”.  We partied for a few minutes and then I surprised him with the liberty hoodie he is wearing in the above photo.  I made him cookies and coffee and we watched episode 6 of star w.ars.
On Saturday night, my parent’s invited us over for some more celebrating.  We had pizza and ice cream with shell toppings! MMM!  We decided to bring Lily so she could play with my mom’s dogs.  She and I were both wearing purple jackets, so Scott had to snap a couple photos of us matching. 

My little elphew Jacob was there.  His Momma, Brittany gave him a bath at my Mom’s house so they could stick around a little longer.  He is looking cute in his pajamas in these photos!

On Sunday morning, Scott’s Dad and Step-Mother drove from Williamsburg to come to our church.  That was a real treat and they took us out to Smokey B.ones after church to celebrate Scott’s graduation. 
After lunch we went home for 45 minutes to rest and then we headed back out to church to enjoy the play “Scrooge”.  We have a fairly large church and the play was so wonderful!  It was packed full of super talented people and singers.  I loved it. 
After the play on Sunday night, it was cold and felt verrrry Christmas-sy.  Do you know what I mean?  We didn’t just want to go home, we wanted to enjoy the last Sunday before Christmas.  So we went to the cheesecake factory and had cappuccinos and cheesecake.  So delish.
He got the carrot cake cheesecake and I got the kahlua chocolate brownie cheesecake!

We had such a fabulous weekend!  Only 3.5 short days of work until we are free for 4 days to celebrate Christmas with our families!  And the best part of all—Scott won’t have any papers to write!!!!!!!!!



One thought on “A weekend of celebrations!

  1. congrats to your hubby!!! I remember those days when we were first married and both in school and it felt like it would NEVER end! So I know that feeling of being DONE!!! What a relief! And seriously, Kahlua chocolate brownie cheesecake!?? It's a real good thing there is no cheesecake factory in my neck of the woods!!! ha!Merry Christmas!

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