I’m linking up with Jennifer at perfectly imperfect for my CURRENTLY!

current book… Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

current playlistMichael Buble Christmas on Pandora!

current colorI’m trying out the new trend of winter white!  I’m sporting a white sweater today.

current drink...It was oddly warm today so Scott and I grabbed a couple mocha frappes on the way to work today! YUM!

current foodI’m loving goat cheese!  All the sudden I am obssesed with it!  Spinach, colorful peppers, cucumbers and goat cheese = delis!

current favorite showThe Next Iron Chef!  Go Chef Zakarian!

current needsto lose some weight!

current triumph(s) My hubby is 1 page away from submitting his last paper!  I see “normalcy” in the near future!

current bane(s) of my existencehaving difficulty losing a few lbs! 

current #1 blessing...My 22 year old cousin is battling cancer and she got GREAT news on her latest scan.  They can’t even see the cancer anymore and the chemo is working! PTL!

current indulgenceMy Mocha Frappe today, def. not a part of my diet!

current outfit...White sweater, blue jeans and boots!

current moodexcited!

current favorite holiday decoration...My burlap and linen tree skirt!

current #1 item on your wishlistA kitten!

current new year’s resolutionpretty standard here…I need to hit the gym more often!



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