I know that everyone can relate to this….I am so so busy right now!  It always takes me by surprise, I’m aware the holidays are coming, but I’m never really prepared for what it brings.
A lot of my friends are done with Christmas shopping by the time December even begins!  I am not that organized.  I don’t even start thinking about presents and shopping until December begins.
On top of all this holiday fun/craziness, Scott is finishing up his bachelors degree!  I really can’t believe it’s all coming to an end.  He has spent most of his days sitting at the dining room table with his laptop, faithfully reading, writing papers and taking exams for the last three years!  I really can’t believe it’s almost done!  On top of the heavy school load, he also runs a business full time(I help 🙂 and takes care of me and Lily and he’s been a great husband through it all!  He submits his final paper this Saturday and I want to do something special for him, but I don’t know what.  I keep hinting at things but he won’t give me anything.  Oh well….I’ll think of something!
So here’s to getting a little less of this:
And a lot more of this:
And maybe an Alaskan cruise for our 5 year wedding anniversary next year?  Maybe??
Happy Tuesday!



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