{diy} burlap and linen tree skirt!

My finished tree skirt!

So this DIY tree skirt was inspired by this photo I found on pinterest:

                                                                                    Source: etsy.com via Tracy on Pinterest

I really loved the sort of organic-ness of the burlap but I thought it needed some contrast.  I decided to pair it with a light linen fabric for a “juxtaposition”.
So here is what you will need:
Old Christmas tree skirt(mine was 48in.), glue gun and sticks,  a board to cut on, rotary cutter and  4 yards of linen fabric and 3 yards of burlap.  Keep in mind, those amounts of fabric were for a 48in(rather large) christmas tree skirt, if yours is smaller, adjust accordingly!

Lay your fabric on your cutting board and cut 3 inch strips down the length of the fabric. 

Same for the burlap, 3inch strips

start at the bottom of the tree skirt and make a line of hot glue.  You will want your fabric to hang off the edges quite a bit.  To form the ruffle, just pinch the fabric between your fingers on your left hand and use your right hand to give it slack and press it down against the glue.

After you create the linen ruffles all the way around the loop, you will want to go back and put a dot of glue behind the ruffle on each one.  Lift the ruffle(see next step)

put a tiny dot of glue behind the ruffle.

and press it down for a second or 2.  This will make sure everything looks uniform.

I found that the burlap is much more difficult to use.  I had to put glue on a tiny section of fabric, make the ruffle and then glue the inside of the ruffle immediately(I couldn’t go back and do it as I did with the linen.)  I also found that using a metal ruler(or anything else you can find) to press down on the ruffle helps a lot–the glue is hot and will come through the holes in the burlap.  BE CAREFUL!

Metal ruler I used to press down on the ruffle.


Even more progress…


All in all, it took me about 3.5 hours to complete, but it was totally worth it!  I think I may of even spent more on it than I would’ve just buying one from a store….BUT, no one else has one quite like it and I love that.  If you have any specific questions you can comment or email me at thesimplethingsblog{at}gmail{dot}com
We were able to put up most of our Christmas decor last night as well.  Here are a few photos of that, plus what the tree skirt looks like around a tree 🙂

the tree is a little short for what we normally like, but we went to 3 places and this was the best one.  I think it has a nice shape though! 

We had Christmas boxes and decorations all over the couches, so instead of sitting on the floor like a normal dog, this priss-pot makes herself comfy on a pillow!  She is a trip!

Do you like my model?  ðŸ™‚

I told you she was a trip!  More photos of Christmas decor to come!

In other news…..

Meet my newest friend

 Ta-da!  My brand new sewing machine!  I have never owned one my entire life, but I decided I can’t keep going to my brother’s house every time I need to sew something!  So there it is and I can’t wait to start creating things with it!
Sneak peek at my next DIY tutorial:
Can you guess what it is?

Burlap Stockings!  Oh I can’t wait!!!

Happy Monday!


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