I have a very short WILW post this week.
Someone recently told me about this website.  You search the cosmetics, hair products, body washes…etc..and they have results for how toxic they are, likelihood of causing cancer..etc.  Let me just say that it is scary when I searched all of the shampoos and lotions I use.  Not to mention my facial cleansers!  I pay good money for my cleansers and shampoos and come to find out, they are toxic to my body!  So, I’m putting this out there so everyone an look and see what their products may be doing to their health and their home environment. 
I don’t love that my products are toxic, but I do love that I found this website so I can change to more mild cosmetics. 
I use Shaklee vitamins for both Scott and myself and I wouldn’t take anything else.  They are the most bioavailable vitamins on the market and I don’t trust anything else.  I’m thinking of switching to their facial cleansers and creams for my daily routine.  Anyone used their beauty products?  here is the link
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