What I’m Loving!

Here is what I’m loving!
I’m loving that Starbucks is offering a buy 1 get one deal on all their Holiday drinks!  Check it out!
I’m loving that we are leaving for our Thanksgiving vacay to Corolla, NC on Sunday!
The house we get to stay in!  I can’t wait to post pics!

I’m loving my new blog design and layout.  I’ve really enjoyed learning how to design a blog, it’s frustrating but fun at the same time! 🙂

I’m loving that Scott and I are getting some fall pictures taken at a nearby botanical gardens this Saturday!  I think it will be beautiful with all the fall colors!  Now, what to wear?  Any ideas?  Here are a few pose ideas from pinterest.

I’m loving that Christmas is right around the corner and I can hardly wait to start decorating!
What are you loving?  Link up and tell us!



9 thoughts on “What I’m Loving!

  1. Cute, cute layout. I used to be good at this stuff but I lost my mojo over the years from not working with HTML and stuff. One day I'll get it back ;)Every time I see someone mention NC I die a little inside. I've never been but I hear nothing but wonderful things. My fiance and I have that as one of our states to settle down in.

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