What I’m Loving Wednesdays!

Happy Wednesday!!
Check out Jaime’s Blog to see what others are loving!
I’m loving that Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting really close!  I love these holidays and I can’t wait to spend them with family!
I’m loving that I found a local dog breeder in my area that will take care of Lily while we are in Corolla for Thanksgiving.  I very much dislike taking her to a kennel, so this is the perfect alternative.  They breed shitzhus and her and her daughter will be taking care of Lily.  I’m really happy about this!
We leave for vacation in 9 days!!!!
This is the house we are staying in…EEE!
I’m loving this blog about Kate Middleton
I’m loving my martial artist hubby

I’m loving my super cute nephew, Jacob!  Can’t wait to spend a week with him in Corolla!

I’m loving these beautiful fall flowers my sweet guy got me 🙂
I’m loving my new peacock feather earrings!

I’m loving these blogs recently:
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

5 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesdays!

  1. I love those peacock earrings! That's awesome that you have someone trustworthy to watch your pup. My dogs hate the kennel and I hate taking them there!

  2. Kit: Thank you!Rachel: I know! I can't wait!Kristen: Thanks :-)Tami: Thank you! Yes, the kennel is awful 😦 I hate the thought of her being in a cage all week with loud dogs barking constantly!

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