Random things and a cute blog!

Hello blog world.  Scott and I had a pretty lazy weekend, we both left work Friday with colds.  We pretty much laid around all day Saturday and had started feeling better by Saturday Night.

My precious little nephew was dedicated in church on Sunday, so we had to feel better in time for that.  We wouldn’t miss that for the world!  He was dedicated in the church I grew up in.  We started attending there when I was 5 and my husband and I just left about a year ago.  My brother and SIL still go there along with some other relatives.  It was nice going back to the church I grew up in and was married in, it was a nice excuse to see everyone again.  I thought that my brother would have already found a photographer, but it turns out all our family was going to go up to the front of the church to pray for little Jacob.  So at the last minute I hand the camera to the pastors grandson( he is 19) and he agreed to snap a few shots.  As it turns out, one of our cousins was planning on taking photos.  Anyways, when I walked back to grab my camera from Josh, he says “You might want to pray over those…” haha, and he was right–they aren’t very good, but they will have to do for now until I get my cousin to edit the ones she took.  So here are a few photos:

Next weekend is going to be packed full of events!  Good thing we got this sickness out of the way this weekend!  Our local indoor soccer team is playing their first game on Friday night, so we are going with Scott’s brother Brent and his wife Katherine.  Then on Saturday, Scott has ultimate frisbee championships in the mornings and Saturday night we are hanging with Scott’s other sister, Claire and her boyfriend.  Sunday we invited Scott’s Dad and his wife to our church, so we will probably grab some lunch afterwards.  WHEW!  I get tired just thinking about it!

Scott playing ultimate:

In other news, my very large(paternal) family(which consists of 2 grandparents, 3 sons and their wives, 9 of their children plus 4 of their children’s children) rents a beach house in Corolla, NC for the week of thanksgiving.  This will be our 4th year doing it and we have to get a bigger house each year!  The first year no one had any babies, now there are 4 babies!  It’s going to be different for sure, but fun nonetheless!  We have such a great time, we play non-stop card games, board games and wii games.  We cook so much food that it isn’t even funny! I can’t wait to bring my new DSLR and get some killer photos of the sunrise on the beach!  Also, I’m excited to get to spend a whole week with my precious little nephew and little cousins.  I love my huge family!

Here are a couple photos from the first year:

This is only the grandkids and a few husbands/wives/girlfriends

Also, I wanted to share this awesome blog I found!  This girl is so cute and has awesome hair tutorials!
http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/  I’m going to grow my hair out so I can do her cute updos and stuff!



3 thoughts on “Random things and a cute blog!

  1. By the way, I just checked out that blog…ADORABLE! Just what I needed, another blog to get hooked into! ha! I wasn't going to follow until I read her "about me" section,she roped me in with that! Plus I LOVE her hair! 🙂

  2. Thanks Ashleigh!Isn't that blog great? I love her hair too! And she just started her blog in June of 2011 and already has 4,100 followers! Amazing. I found her blog last night and was watching her hair tutorials for like 2 hours, embarrassing! lol

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