DIY Fall Wreath

Since I am basically in love with the fall season, I decided to make a wreath for my door this year.  I don’t like any of the ones in the stores and it’s so much more fun to make your own!

I started with a grape vine wreath for $2.50 from Mich.aels.  Then I added some red leaves.
 I secured some pine cones with wire and a “bushel” of acorns and berries.
 I added some orange japanese lantern pieces.  A couple of tiny scarecrows and a rope of berries.

 The orange bow tied everything together.
 I love things with our last name initial on them, so I got a wooden “N” and painted it with these 2 colors.

 I was going for a rustic look, mission accomplished 🙂

Voila!  A beautiful, personalized fall wreath for less that $20!  The pine cones are scented so it smells great every time we walk through the front door!



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