Meaningful Mondays–Link Up!

I’m starting a blog link up called Meaningful Mondays!  I’m excited to see how many people I can reach through this link up and hopefully gain some knowledge and inspiration by everyone’s posts.  Write about something meaningful, inspirational or special that happened to you over the past week.  Maybe it was a scripture verse God spoke to you through, something your child said to you or song lyrics that moved you.  Whatever it is, I want to read about it!  Don’t forget to LINK UP at the bottom!

Something I’ve been thinking about, especially on this Monday, is how grateful I am for my job.  For years I suffered working a boring 9-5 job as a receptionist and I just wasn’t getting anywhere.  My husband has worked at a local faith based martial arts school since I’ve known him and God blessed the school with tremendous growth and he was able to hire me.  I’m so thankful to be able to work in a ministry I love and grow the business together, alongside my husband.  God has truly blessed us!

What about you?  



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