Hawaiian Preparations!

As we know, Scott and I are headed to Hawaii for 9 days in 5 days!!!  Let the countdown begin(truthfully it began the minute we booked it…but I digress)!  I’m not sure that I’ve been this excited for a vacation since our honeymoon!  Seriously, it’s going to be really really great!

Besides the whole leaving-at-4:30am-on-friday-and-flying-for-14-hours-thing, I’m really ready for this vacation!  We only have 4 more days of work until we are in major vacation mode and it’s going to feel so good.  We have been doing our vacay preparations this weekend and it seems like the list never ends!  I have a kitchen floor full of laundry that needs to be washed, dried, folded and packed.  Speaking of packing, I am a horrible packer!  I always feel like I never know what I might need once I get there…so I end up packing almost everything I own!  It’s a big problem, especially when you fly u.s. air.ways and they charge you $25 freaking dollars for every checked bag, as if the $1,000 for the plane ticket wasn’t enough?! Gees people!  We are currently in the process of trying to find another carry-on bag(that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!) so Scott and I can both have one, this would prevent having to check 3(read $75+) bags or more…ugh.

In other news… My side of the family has a reunion every year, it just so happens that it was this weekend, but we were unable to attend because of leaving next week.  Scott started this tradition the first year we started dating where he buys me a gift the day we leave for the reunion.  For 7 years he hasn’t missed it once.  Each year he out-does himself and this year was no different!  We didn’t even go to the reunion and he still got me a gift!  Hello MacBook Pro!!  Thanks Honey!

I think Lily loves it too 🙂

Scott’s Birthday was last Sunday and we had an awesome weekend.  The biggest surprise was this…

Beats headphones!  He has been aching to get these headphones for months now, they are ridiculously expensive and I told him there was “no way anyone in our house is buying $300 headphones”.  Ha!  Little did he know I was conspiring with my family and his to pool our $$ together and surprise him with them.  He was surprised that’s for sure!  
The only problem is…now I spend my days looking at this…yep, they are noise canceling and he can’t hear a thing! I don’t even think he knew I was taking a photo 🙂

Efforts to prep…

New Snorkel Gear…and PINK at that! 😉  I am so ready to get my snorkel on!

All the books/magazines I’ve been reading to be sure we don’t.miss.a.thing!

A couple of fun dresses I got my JCP

And last, but not least, we ordered a waterproof camera!  I’m so excited to be able to take photos and videos under water!

I guess I should get back to my new roll as launderer, dog bather and resident packer.

Until next time……



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