A closer look at the bathroom makeover

We finally got around to painting and decorating our downstairs bathroom.  I wanted to post a few more photos for my remembrance.
The bathroom started out completely white with nothing on the walls or sink.

Scott doing his manly duty of painting for me 🙂 I hate painting

I bought unfinished shelves at Mich.aels and since I wanted a vintage look I bought “crackle” paint.

It was a lot of work spraying all the shelves, waiting for them to dry and then spraying with the top coat.  It was worth it though!

My crackle paint!  It turned out so great!! It gives off just the right vibe!

Cute little metal tricycle I bought at Ho.me Go.ods! I fell in love with it in the store and it fits perfectly!

Went shopping for nic-nacs to put on the shelves.  Not sure what to put in the vases yet. The dark book with the Eiffel tower on it is a leather box that’s made to look like a book.  Perfect.

More nic-nacs.  That clock is amazing.  It says “Paris” on the face and has a vintage finish.


I’m so happy with how it turned out.  Now to tackle the spare bathroom!


One thought on “A closer look at the bathroom makeover

  1. Stopping over to snoop around from Thistlewood Farm. Thanks for doing the lettering tutorial. You made it look so easy!~Bliss~Your crackle paint DID turn out perfect too.

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