Business, Vacations and Haircuts–OH MY!

Whew, this past week was BUSY!  
Business/Mini Vacation
We are SO excited to be extending our property at our martial arts school!  We have grown so much in the past year that we are bursting at the seams and now need a bigger facility!  Luckily, our landlord is awesome and has agreed to build on to our current building in order to keep us around 🙂  
So we are in full construction mode and dealing with all the issues that come with that.  But that’s okay, this is what we need in order to grow!
With that, Scott and I flew to Pensacola this past weekend to meet with a school owner that has some great ideas on how to utilize our space best.  We had a great time with this school and learned so much!  We are excited to come back and share with our staff.
We made time for some relaxing on the beach and experiencing the flavor of pensacola beach!

This was an outdoor restaurant, they had live music, picnic tables in the sand and a bar around the bond fire…SO COOL!
It was a gorgeous night, we chose to sit in the sand and eat 🙂
They had hammocks near the water and tiki huts everywhere.  So cool to hang out under the stars in the middle of a beach.
View from our bedroom, we thoroughly ENJOYED the beach.

 In other news, I am in the market for a new haircut.  I always grow my hair out and say “I’m not going to cut it this time!!!” and then, I get SO frustrated with blow drying it(which takes forever when it gets this long) and I end up cutting it and usually regretting it.  Apparently, it’s not time to stop this viscous cycle,  because I feel the need to cut it again.  
I have always been in love with this graduated bob hair style.  I attempted it a few years ago and it didn’t look good, but I blame that entirely on the $7.00 haircut I got from “best cuts”.  Yeah, not exactly Rudy and Kelly quality.  So, I am thinking of trying it again…I wouldn’t go really short, just a little above the shoulders, I wish I could go really short, but I’m a wimp :-p

Those are a couple styles I am considering…maybe a little longer though?  Ugh, I don’t know! 🙂
And I will leave you with a picture of this gorgeous puppy dog 🙂

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