Lovely Easter Weekend!

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend!  I was so happy with that weather and all the time spent with family.

On Saturday we spent the day at my parent’s house with my Dad’s side of the family.  I baked a homemade apple pie, which was divine(!), my Uncle cooked a great ham, there was potato salad, deviled eggs,  broccoli casserole…the list goes on and on.
We had a great time playing ROOK and Euchre, two very fun card games that never get old in my family.
We came home to find……Our Bullfrog!!!  We built a pond in our backyard 2 years ago when we first moved into our house.  We bought a few fish and leopard frog tadpoles from Animal Jungle, not knowing that leopard frogs take 2-3 years to mature into frogs! Fail.  Anyways, the morning after we put the tadpoles in the pond….there was a little frog.  It freaked us out because of the timing, but obviously it wasn’t one of our tadpoles.
So, this little big guy has been with us for 2 years now!  He goes away for the winter and has returned each time..I love it!  He gets bigger and bigger…we just found out he was a bullfrog this year(Scott’s brother is a self-proclaimed herpetologist.) We also found out she is a girl, due to her absence of “croaks”..guess we need to name her?! 🙂

Just a little picture of my baby on Easter….yes, I considered getting her an Easter outfit, but I refrained 🙂
I decided to grill leg-o-lamb on Easter for Scott and I.  I have never had lamb nor have I cooked it and let me tell you it was  SO good!
I had to take a picture of Scott and his pink shirt…he never wears anything pink, I guess he was feeling especially festive today 🙂

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