Happy 23 to Me :)

 March 15th was my Birthday!  For some reason turning 23 scared me a little.  22 still sounds young to me..but 23 sounds old..I don’t know why.  Anyways, I always love my birthdays because Scott always makes them SO special for me and this one was no different.

We started with a trip to the Williamsburg Outlets. We just walked around and shopped, I loved every minute of it.

Favorite. Place. Ever.
Got this for 70% off 🙂
Got this DELICIOUS, corn-syrup-free- peanut butter bucket from the Chocolate Factory!

After the outlets, we went to a brand new Sushi place right by our house.  The food was amazing!

 This was in the Sushi Restaurant.  I thought it was creative.

3/15/2011 🙂
Then we went to Coldstone for yummy Ice Cream!!
Scott got me this 🙂  I have been wanting a large-faced-black watch for a while 🙂  I love it!

And these 🙂  I love tulips!

After allllll that…We went home, relaxed on the couch and watched Pride and Prejudice.  The perfect end to the perfect day.


2 thoughts on “Happy 23 to Me :)

  1. I don't know if I could stay away from Sushi…Pregnant or not! Lol, just kidding, but it would be HARD!I'm so excited to see pictures of your little boy! No names yet?

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