In other news…

In other news, i recently purchased an iPhone :). Yes it cam out with Verizon on February 10th. I had been wanting an iPhone since they came out, but I couldn’t see switching from Verizon to that other inferior cell phone company :). So when I heard Verizon was going to get the iPhone I was stoked! The only problem was that I had just purchased another phone, for $200 6 months earlier and I just couldn’t pay $200 again for the iPhone. SO I went on eBay and successfully sold my phone for $265…yep $65 more than I paid for it! That transaction happened the evening before the iPhone came to Verizon. I was floored, I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I called verizon first thing and luckily they had a few left.

So basically, I got an iPhone and made $65!!!! Um, awesome!

And because that worked so well, I decided to gather all the other phones in the house and try to sell them on eBay…as of right now I have made $350 on old phones. Yay me 🙂

So this gorgeous little fella is alllllll mine and I couldn’t be more excited!!! 🙂

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