An interesting week…

A week ago today, while we were driving home from work, my car broke.  Like, really, really broke.  We heard these crazy noises, turned into a gas station and as we were on the way up the ramp, my car died.  It would not go and it was making these AWFUL grinding noises. A really nice guy who was getting gas helped us push the HUGE SUV up the hill(thank God for him!) We called a tow truck and had it towed to our mechanics and walked home….at.10:00 at night….in 30 degree weather….carrying laptops, bags etc.  We could have called someone to come get us, but we weren’t too far from home.

We got a call from our mechanic the next day and he quoted us $2,500 in repair costs to get it to run again.  Now, you have to know that we bought the Explorer 3 years ago for $8000.  We have replaced the transmission($4000) breaks, tires, transfer casing(whatever the heck that is πŸ™‚ and a whole list of other stuff…We were DONE with that thing.  I wanted to get it towed to the edge of a cliff and push it off to be done with it, Scott being the responsible one knew it would be best to fix it and then try to sell it for a small amount of money.

We decided it was time for a new car, so we began our search.  It was a NIGHTMARE.  My dear, dear husband Scott is SO conservative when it comes to finances(which I am so grateful for, because of him, we have NO debt), but needless to say, it’s hard to buy a car without debt.  We stressed over this for a whole week and FINALLY, by the grace of God we found an awesome dealership, with a KILLER deal on the car Scott has wanted for several years.  We got it in the color I wanted and I am literally in LOVE with it πŸ™‚

2010 Mazda 6.  It’s brand new, but because it’s a 2010 we got a SWEET deal πŸ™‚

 Later that night we went out on a double date with a great friend of ours, Justin.  He has a new girlfriend and wanted her to meet us.  We went to Jillians, which is basically a chucke cheese for adults..SO fun.  I got the most tickets 1,550..yay.  Too bad I didn’t want any of the stuff that you can buy with tickets..oh well, we did get these crazy led mouth pieces.  They flash crazy green, blue, red, yellow…it’s really weird looking and I had to catch a pic.  We look ridiculous..ha.

So that is the story of how I got a new car.  I am so thankful that I now have a safe car to drive around in and I don’t have to worry about it breaking down.


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