Our baby is 2!

Our sweet little Malti-Poo Lily turned 2 in December!  I was so busy with holiday stuff that I didn’t have a chance to write about her.

We got Lily shortly after we bought our house because our apartments wouldn’t allow pets.  I had wanted a malti-poo since I was 15 years old and was so excited to learn we could now have one!  We spent weeks and weeks searching for a good breeder and finally we found one!  She was the sweetest lady in Edenton, NC.  We went to visit her when she was 5 weeks old and it was LOVE at first sight:

She was creme colored with a white “blaze” on her forehead, it’s hard to see in this pic.

It was hard to leave her at the breeders once we fell in love, we wanted to take her home right away.  But we had to wait until she was older.  So we went home and starting preparing for her(yes, like you would a baby..ha!).  We bought her a bed, leash, collar and tons of toys.  I had a black and white polka-dotted carrying case so I could take her places, what fun is a tiny little dog if she can’t go shopping with you? 🙂  I hand painted her food and water bowl and had them sitting out waiting for her.  It was so silly, but we were SO excited.
On Christmas Eve in 2009 it was time to go get our baby!  Words cannot even describe how excited I was..I even had a count down calendar on my desk at work to help me get through the weeks until we could go get her.

This is the night we brought her home!  How stinkin’ cute is she?
Big snow in 2010

She wants to be with me constantly.  If I am upstairs and she isn’t allowed up, she cries and cries until I come down. ❤

Sleepy Head!

I just had to pay tribute to our beautiful little furbaby.  Happy Birthday to Lily!

The next step is having a real baby 🙂  We are hoping that will happen sometime in 2011, we shall see!


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