Christmas Decor and Things

I just realized that I haven’t posted much in the way of Christmas Decorations.  Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and once Christmas is over, I can’t wait for it to come again!  We are not allowed to do much in the way of outside decorations, because we live in a condo community, but one day when we build ourselves a house(ha!) I will be excited to decorate the outside of the house.  I have to have a theme for my Christmas trees or it drives me insane.  This year it is red and gold, I think it was the same thing last year..I really like that color combo, so I will probably leave it for a while.  

The Piano…ahh, my favorite place in the whole house!  I could sit and play for hours, especially looking at that gorgeous manger scene and REAL poinsettias that my sweet hubby bought me. šŸ™‚

I also have garland, lights and ornaments on the banister, as well as decorations on our end tables.  I am being lazy and not taking pictures of them though :p
We went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens this year, that was a lot of fun!  It was so festive and beautiful!  It was very tastefully done and I was impressed that it was called CHRISTmas Town.  We got some yummy ‘bucks coffee and walked around for hours, so fun!
A portion of Scott’s Family
Today we had a snow day and let me tell you, it was MUCH needed!  I was just telling Scott last night how I had no idea how I was going to accomplish everything that had to get done over the next couple of days.  So, God, being awesome, blessed us with a gorgeous snow day!  While I wasn’t able to go out to get things done, I was able to do some deep cleaning, laundry and baking to prepare for Saturday and Sunday. 
Saturday we are having Scott’s family over for an early gift exchange, there are so many people in his family it’s hard to find a time when everyone can come together and celebrate Christmas, so it has to be done a week early.   I am baking maple chocolate truffles, pecan pie(corn-syrup free of course) and spinach artichoke dip.  I am counting on some of the other girls to bring some more sweets to munch on!
Sunday we leave for our CRUISE we are so excited!!!!!!!  I can’t believe it’s here already!  I am kind of freaking out, because I am worried about getting everything done, packing and having Scott’s family over.  It’s going to be a crazy next few days, but it will be worth it!  We are going to swim with dolphins, snorkel the great barrier reef, swim with wild sting rays AND relax on an 11 acre private island and do whatever we want!  Not to mention the few days at sea that will be packed with all things relaxing…ahh.  I can feel the stress being released from my body as I sit here and type about it šŸ™‚  I got a waterproof camera case so I can take plenty of pictures and videos.  I am stoked. 
I’ve got to go cover the truffles in chocolate…
Merry Christmas!


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