This past week has been crazy and the weeks to come are going to be equally so.  Thanksgiving this year was wonderful!  I have 2 successful turkeys.  I was so proud of myself 🙂  People even chose my turkey OVER a fried turkey, I definitely  wasn’t expecting that!   My yummy pumpkin cheesecake came out wonderful and my corn syrup-free pecan pie was fabulous!  
We had a nice relaxing thanksgiving, nothing too extravagant.  We had the big meal at my Mom’s house and went to my Grandparents’ house in NC for dessert.  On Friday we had our second Thanksgiving meal at Scott’s Mother’s house.  That was lovely also.  We had another turkey, sweet potato casserole and some really great pies for dessert.

The rest of the weekend was really relaxing, which is just what we needed!  We didn’t rush out on black Friday to get anything special, in fact..we didn’t shop at all.  We both had the day off on Wednesday so we did a bit of shopping then.  I had been wanting a new camera for a while now and the one I wanted was on sale at Best Buy for $129 and it wasn’t going to be discounted any further on Friday, so we dodged the lines and bought it early 🙂  I was so excited and of course, took way too many pictures with it the first few days I had it.  

The weekend flew by, but not without a lot of fun, relaxing and great food!  I look forward to this time, every year and I am so grateful to God for all the many blessings He has given me.  I have a great family, amazing husband and a job I really enjoy.  The only thing missing is having a little baby of our own 🙂  That’s what we are wishing for this coming year and I am SO excited!  

We are leaving for Phoenix in the morning.  We have to wake up at 4:00am -.- in order to get to the airport in time to check in, go through security and begin our long flight complete with stops in all kinds of states besides Arizona.  Ha.  We are not even close to being done with packing, but we will have to run home tonight to do it.  It’s mostly business but they are having 2 really fancy cocktail parties that we will be attending and I am super excited for that.  I had to go buy dresses and everything. 

We are now back from AZ and had a fantastic time!  I feel so blessed to  be able to spend time with some of the best MA Schools owners in the country.  I just looked around at all the millionaires and thought to myself..”How did I get here?  I am a 22 year old high school graduate..and somehow I am managing a MA school and hanging out with these people?”  I felt SO grateful to all the people who invested time in Scott and I to explain some of the procedures and protocol to give us a better school.  We got to hang out with Mike Chat(google him), he was the blue power ranger in the 90’s and trained Taylor Lautner and Jaiden Smith.  He is a really cool guy.
Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Landing in Columbus, it was snowing 🙂

New Mexico’s Mountains!

We stayed at the Buttes Resort.  It was built in a butte.  This was their cool lobby.

Pretty outdoor lobby

Mike Chat!

All dressed up for the cocktail party!

Our School won the “Faith Award”  Mr. Bertrand is our coach on the end, he has a very successful school is Vancouver.

All of us with Mr. Bill Storm(in the blue), he is one of the top coaches in united professionals.

Pictures do these views no justice..just so gorgeous.

Phoenix from a balcony

the resort

We went hiking in the mountains and came across this rock…doesn’t it look like an alligator?? See the eye??

Scott’s Mom and Soke on the alligator

On top of some mountain with Phoenix in the background

Mom and Soke

Cool rock formation

We had a great time and feel so lucky to of been able to go!

Next up!  A Cruise to the Caribbean in 8 days!!!!!  I can’t wait!  We are going to swim with sting rays(wild ones..eeek), snorkel the great barrier reef, go to a zoo on Roatan, relax on an 11 acre private island and last but not least…Swim with DOLPHINS!  I am so stoked about that!  I bought a water proof case for my camera, so I hope to get videos and pics of it all. 


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