Cooking, Cooking, Cooking!

When I was sewing my apron a couple months ago, I had no idea how much use I would get out of it in the next few months!  I have never really done much cooking for Thanksgiving or Christmas in past years, but this year it seems like my Mom and Grandmother are sick of cooking for everyone and decided to pass the torch on to me šŸ™‚ 
I have never cooked a turkey in my life..nor have I watched someone cook a turkey.  And I have been asked to bake 2 this year!  This should be interesting!  I already had a Mom at my work today “yell”(in a nice way) at me for not having bought the turkeys yet.  Shes like “Those things are frozen, you should already have it defrosting in your fridge!!” I was like..oops..I thought they were already thawed.  I guess as soon as I leave work I’ll be heading to the nearest supermarket to get them.
Along with the 2 turkeys, I will be baking 2 Pumpkin Cheesecakes, 1 Pecan Pie and a couple dozen whole wheat rolls(yet another thing I have never done before.  I have not baked bread yet, so this is new.)
I found this awesome recipe on Food for a tequila and apricot glazed turkey..sounds good, right?  I can’t wait!
Whew!  I am going to be one busy girl these next few days!
Off to the supermarket!!


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