Vaccinations for everyone!!!

My furbaby and I went to the vet today. Alone.  I have never taken her on my own, because she is a little hard to handle(to say the least) when she recognizes where she is and remembers what usually happens while she’s there.  Scott and I would always embark on this little ‘field trip’ together, but alas, he couldn’t come this time.
So off we went, I had a pretty good idea of how it would go, because the last time Scott took her, she peed all over him as soon as she saw the “nurse”.  She is a really smart dog and can tell when she’s just going for a fun ride to the store, or if a visit to the vet is in her near future. I had the bright idea to bring her doggie purse, hoping that would keep her confined and calm.  It didn’t really work on the car ride, but it helped a bit while we were inside.

She can’t be fooled, she knows where she is going 😉
So luckily there weren’t many other dogs there for her to fuss at.  It was a pretty empty clinic.  So she got poked and prodded a bit. Then it was time for the blood draw…dun, dun, dun. She is notorious at that clinic for being excruciatingly difficult to hold down in order to draw blood, she had to do it twice a month for 3 months last year when she was having some liver issues(not fun!!).  So they try several times right in front of me(which I hate) and then she says “do you mind if we take her to the back?” which in my mind means “we can’t torture her as much as we’d like with you watching…”  UGH! You can joke me if you want, but I love this little dog and it’s hard to see her have to go through being stuck so many times!
Luckily she gets over it really quickly and came back to me happy as ever…just bruised all over her chest. 
So while we waited for her test results to come back, we walked around Petsmart.  I always find things Lily doesn’t need while we are outfits and extra toys. 
At the end of the aisle I see a big red sign “75% off“.  That’s music to my ears.  So I walk over to the rack, only to see that it’s doggie costumes.  Ha.  So I found a little piggy costume, for $3 and I couldn’t resist!
She was so embarrassed.

I just felt like I wouldn’t be a good Mom if she didn’t have a costume for halloween. 

Later, Scott and I went to rite aid for flu shots(fun!).  I don’t mind shots, but Scott hates them.  It was worth it knowing that we wouldn’t have to deal with H1N1 again this year.

Anyways, that is the story of how all of us were vaccinated in 1 day. 


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