Addilyn Grows – 19 Months!

I find it funny that the last ‘Addilyn Grows’ post was on January 2, 2014.  Exactly one month later, on February 2, 2014 we found out we were unexpectedly expecting.  The extreme fatigue and nausea set in and there were no more updates to be found 😉 Luckily, the nausea subsided after the first trimester but the complete and utter exhaustion continued throughout the entire twin pregnancy, so needless to say, I didn’t blog while Addilyn napped…I slept :p


From 8 months until now, a few things that stand out;

  • Addilyn learned to walk right around 1 year old
  • Her first birthday party was held at the Hunt Club Farm!  It was a lot of fun and all the kids loved petting the goats, chickens, llamas, ducks, rabbits…and the list goes on 😉
  • She spent a lot of time outside in the summer of 2014.  And I spent a lot of precious one on one time with my sweet girl before the boys arrived in September.  I will always remember how special that summer was, I soaked up every moment with her, knowing these moments would be few and far between once her brothers arrived.
  •  She enjoyed playing in the little blow up pool in our patio at the condo.
  • Lots of trips to the hunt club farm with Mommy
  • The little gym was a huge favorite of hers!  She learned so much and grew up a lot while she was there.  We definitely miss it now that we don’t live close to one anymore.
  • Addilyn handled all of the *HUGE* changes our family went through in 2014 so well.  Twin pregnancy, house hunting, putting our house up for rent, finding a new house, moving to my parents for a month while we waited for our new home to be ready for us, moving to our new home 40 minutes from our old home and finally, welcoming her sweet baby brothers on September 24.  She goes with the flow and was a total angel through it all.  I am so grateful for that.
  • Addilyn is incredibly smart and seems to be learning new words and phrases daily.  I can’t possibly list everything she says because she will pretty much repeat anything you say.
  • She got her first haircut, which consisted of just a bang trim by her Mama.  It was the week after the boys were born and I was realizing I didn’t have time to pull her hair back every day and she needed to be able to see…ha!  She won’t keep clips in, so the bangs had to be cut.

Addilyn, you have an incredibly joyful heart and being your Mom fills my life with so much happiness every single day.  You are loving and compassionate.  You bring fun and excitement to everything you do.  You are destined for greatness my child, and I pray I can provide the proper foundation you need to be able to fly. ❤ 

IMG_6562 IMG_6539 IMG_6570 IMG_6510


Peter and Thomas GROW — 2 months!

My sweet little boys are growing so quickly and if I don’t write down the details they will get lost in my mommy brain, never to be remembered again!

IMG_6478 IMG_6483 IMG_6485 IMG_6488

At 2 months, Peter and Thomas:

  • Nurse every 3-4 hours during the day and usually give me a 5 hour sleep stretch the first half of the night
  • They started having a ‘witching hour’ between 7-9pm at night.  Luckily Addilyn is in bed while this happens…but unluckily, Scott is working so it leaves me by myself with two crying(sometimes screaming) babies.  And sometimes I cry right along with them.  I feel like I could handle it if it was just one baby…but two? It’s really overwhelming at times
  • They smile and coo at us occasionally.  They definitely aren’t as smiley and playful as Addilyn was at their age, but I blame it on the fact that they are 1.) the 2nd and 3rd child which means we have another child to care for, therefore they get less attention and 2.) they are twins which means they spend even more time outside of Mommy and Daddy’s arms
  • If I had to guess right now, I would say Thomas is the more laid back and Peter is a bit more high maintenance
  • I’m not sure what they weigh, but their 2 month appointment needs to be scheduled soon!
  • Peter is wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothes.  Thomas can only fit in 3 month at this point
  • They love their big sister and will crane their necks in any direction they can in order to see her.  In fact, the very first smile we saw out of Peter was at Addilyn *insert heart eyes emoji here*

So there it is, hard to believe they are already 2 months when we waited so long for them to get here.  Time sure does fly when you are busier than you can handle 😉 I love those little boys more than I ever thought was possible.

Introducing…Our Twins

On September 24, 2014 at 5:37pm we welcome our sweet Peter David into this world…nobles_dice-002

And just 17 minutes and a few pushes later, at 5:55pm we welcomed Thomas Michael…


Peter weighing 5#7 oz and Thomas 6#5 oz of perfection.  The delivery was both easy and hard.  I plan to write a whole birth story soon, but I wanted to introduce the sweet guys first! 🙂

Gift Ideas!

I just have to pop in to share a few of the new items in my etsy shop!  I know I’ve totally fallen off the blogging bandwagon, but my little twinsies are 2 months old and I need to get back into it because I love it!  And I need to introduce you to my sweeeeeet boys!

Shopping handmade is sort of the ‘trendy’ thing to do these days and it really is a special thing.  I love that I can buy high quality products and know that the profits are supporting a family on the other end.  I have always been pleased with my purchases from handmade shops.

On that note, let me introduce you to a few new products from AddiBug Designs.  Click the image to be redirected to the Etsy listing.




MIA Explanation… ;-)



SURPRISE!  We are expecting TWINS!  Are you as shocked as we were? ha!  So this is *mostly* why I’ve been missing in action lately.  Right about the time I decided I was going to make blogging a priority in my day(read: during naptime), we got the surprise of our lives!

I started feeling funny mid January, so I got up the guts to take a test and it was negative.  Relief.  Addilyn was still nursing every 2-4 hours around the clock…yes, all. night. long.  So we definitely weren’t planning on adding a newborn to the mix any time soon.  But God’s plans are far better than our own.

Still feeling funny, took a test on February 2nd, which also happens to be our engagement anniversary and it was….positive.  We were shocked.  So shocked.  But really happy and excited.  2 days later I started bleeding and things really weren’t looking good.  Went in for some tests and my progesterone levels were low, which can be a sign of miscarriage….but my beta levels were crazy high and more than doubling every 2 days.  When I got off the phone with the nurse regarding the beta results, I jokingly said to Scott “Maybe it’s twins?!”, mostly trying to lighten the mood because it surely seemed the outcome wasn’t going to be what we wanted it to be.  I started supplementing with progesterone(which looking back, is most likely what saved the babies, because my levels were not high enough to support a pregnancy) and continued to bleed for 2 weeks.  We went in for our ultrasound around what we thought was 7 weeks, but we didn’t actually know.

I had been praying and speaking life over the baby in the 2 weeks I had to wait for the ultrasound.  Praying God would protect him/her and that everything would be fine.

I was so nervous.  Scott and I lost our first baby so I know what an empty gestational sac looks like and I was so not ready to see that on the ultrasound screen again.  I really don’t like attention and I really don’t like people feeling sorry for me(dumb, I know), so when we went into the room, I told the ultrasound tech that I had been having problems and wasn’t expecting a good outcome.  I just didn’t want her to be super apologetic or something and make me feel even worse.

As soon as she began the ultrasound, I was thrilled that I could see ‘something’ in that dark space called a gestational sac.  That gave me comfort, and after just a few moments of her poking around, I knew exactly what we were looking at.  The ultrasound tech says….”that’s interesting….do you see anything different?” and I said “well, it looks like there two!” and she says “yep, and they both have heartbeats!!!!”  I can’t even really explain how I felt.  I was expecting bad news, but not only did the baby we were hoping to see, have a heartbeat, we got a bonus baby with a strong heartbeat too!  I think I just said “oh my gosh….” and Scott and I were looking at each other in total shock.

We went on to talk about how the babies are diamniotic/dichorionic which is basically the best/safest kind of twins you can have.  It means they have their own sac and placenta.  Praise the Lord for that!

Here I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have moments where I feel overwhelmed at the thought of caring for two newborns while still taking care of Addilyn, alone.  But I know I can do it and we will figure it out as we go 🙂

And no, this is NOT an april fools joke 😉 But today is Addilyn’s birthday!  I will post more about her birthday party soon!

How we are warding off illness this cold/flu season!

how to stay wellThe million dollar question, right?!  How can we avoid catching every cough, cold and flu this winter season?  I feel like people are dropping like flies around us and I am doing my best to keep our immune systems boosted over here!  I wanted to share what we are doing, in hopes to help some of you stay well this winter too!  So far, Scott and Addilyn have only gotten a slight cold and I think that is pretty good.  I declare  the sickness stops there! 🙂

Everyone knows we need to ‘boost the immune system’.  But not many people actually know how to do it.  I didn’t.  But I have done a lot of research and now I know.  So here are a few things we are doing:

  1. Eat a diet that is packed with whole foods. This is a must.  The processed, prepackaged stuff just isn’t going to cut it.  We can’t expect our bodies to be firing on all cylinders if we ‘nourish’ it with things that aren’t nourishing!  Plain and simple.  Our bodies weren’t designed to be able to process and use those foreign, man-made ingredients.  Throw out that box and grab the fruits and veggies, folks!
  2. Use immune boosting supplements.  In a perfect world, we would all eat nothing but fruits and veggies, but let’s be real, it’s probably not going to happen, at least not everyday.  So to make up for the times when we do eat a boxed meal, we supplement:
  • Quality Multi-vitamin.  We use Shaklee because they are the best whole foods vitamin there is, period.  Don’t believe me?  Do some research.  You will quickly learn that even the vitamin your doctor prescribes you for prenatals is synthetically manufactured in a lab.  Yuck.
  • Vitamin D3.  Again, we use Shaklee for the same reasons as previously mentioned.  We don’t take this vitamin in the spring and summer when we are outside soaking up the rays, but in the winter months, most people need it and it is a great immune booster. (Addilyn takes the Carlson’s brand D drops)
  • Elderberry Syrup.  I seriously don’t know how I have gone so long without knowing about this magical stuff!  I discovered it early in 2013 and I have not been sick since.  It is a natural immune booster and we take it daily as a preventative in the winter months and then up the dose if we “feel something coming on”.  Addilyn takes the version that is safe for kiddos and one of these days I am going to make my own!
  • High quality probiotic.  A healthy, and balanced gut is essential to staying well.  Probiotics help support the good bacteria that fight off illness in your body.
  • Essential Oils.  There are a lot of oils that help with illness.  But Doterra’s On Guard is one of my favorites.  We diffuse it in our home to kill bacteria’s that cause illness and we also mix it with coconut oil and rub it on the soles of our feet before we go out and when we “feel something coming on”.  I made wipes with it and used it as a disinfectant on the plane rides to and from Texas in November.  I was getting a sore throat a couple weeks ago and I took a teaspoon of Elderberry syrup and rubbed On Guard on my feet and within an hour my sore throat was gone and I never got sick.  I love it.
  1. Wash your hands.  Kind of a no-brainer, but this is important.  Hand sanitizer is great for when you are out and need a quick clean.  But hand sanitizer is so harsh, it actually kills the good bacteria on your hands and may actually leave you even more susceptible to germs.  So whenever we get home from being out, we wash our hands with good ol’ soap and water.  When Scott gets home from work, the first thing he does is wash his hands.  Important stuff 😉

So there you have it!  Those are just a few of the things we are doing this year to hopefully keep from dealing with the flu or other viruses.  I hope you found this helpful and thanks for reading! 🙂

Hopping back on the blogging train, ya’ll!

Has it been a while or what?! I can’t believe I haven’t carved out some time in my busy schedule to blog.  It’s always on my list of things to do, but quickly gets shoved to the back burner with a teething baby clinging to me at all hours of the day and night, ha!  Mostly kidding, Addilyn is wonderful, but teething?  Teething is for the birds!

I really miss blogging.  I miss writing about things that interest me.  And not just Mommy-related things, but things like DIY projects, natural/crunchy things, food and makeup!  I am even tossing around the idea of making some video tutorials this year.  I’m excited about picking this blogging thing back up and I’m excited that you are here to join me!

So expect some new things from my little corner of the interwebs.  Fun posts, real life posts, information posts and maybe even a few videos this year 🙂

Here’s to a fun, productive, happy and healthy new year!!

Addilyn Grows – 8 months!

IMG_3246At 8 months, Addilyn:

  • can crawl.  She can get anywhere she wishes and FAST
  • can pull up on pretty much anything.  I feel like this happened really fast, one day she just started doing it and hasn’t stopped since!  The couch, toys, boxes, bumbo, Mom, Dad…anything!  If it is a couple inches off the floor, she will use it to stand her cute little self up.
  • she has been saying this for a while, but she says “mama” very well and very often!  Especially when she is upset about something.
  • she can say “bye”, “ball” and “mama”
  • she can sign “bye”, “milk”…working on “sleepy”, “all done” and “bath”
  • has tasted some of my green juice on occasion, loves her green super food puffs and pretty much has rejected purees altogether.  Unless she can feed it to herself, she doesn’t want it.
  • Sleeps in her CRIB *hallelujah chorus*.  The transition was so much easier than I thought it would be.  In November when we did all that traveling, I used that as my transition time, so the two weeks we were home in November, she slept in her crib for naps and never in the cosleeper and it got easily phased out.   Now she is in her crib for naps and most of the night, when she does wake up I usually bring her in bed with us.  She still wakes SO frequently, it’s just too much of a pain to get up and feed her in the nursery and put her back, so in the bed with us she goes.
  • wakes every 2-3 hours at night to nurse
  • loves music!  Anything with a beat is right up her alley and she goes nuts!  Dancing and swinging her arms around–she is a hoot!  She loves our upbeat worship services at church and she even started lifting her hands during some of the songs!  I recorded her lifting her hands and I think Scott and I have watched it 3,000 times.  It makes me cry because I feel so blessed to have such a special little girl that loves to worship Jesus already!  Gosh I love her!
  • she loves to crawl into the kitchen every chance she gets to try to get Lily’s dog food.  She also loves Lily and thinks she is hilarious
  • very much dislikes having her diaper changed.  Not really the act of, but the fact that she has to lay on her back for 30 seconds.  She is a girl on the go and apparently, doesn’t have time for diaper changes 😛IMG_3251 IMG_3098

We can’t get enough of this girl.  She is way better than we ever dreamed she would be!

Addilyn Grows – 7 months!



Addilyn’s seventh month was a pretty big one!  She went on two big vacations, met TWO of her Great Grandmothers for the first time, added 4 new teeth to her mouth and started pulling up on everything in sight!
IMG_1953At 7 months, Addilyn:

  • rode an airplane for the first time!  We flew all the way to Texas with a short layover in Charlotte, Nc and she was an angel!  She made friends with everyone around us on all the planes and “cracked” everyone with her contagious smile.  I caught even the toughest{looking} of men cracking a smile at her.  The plan rides home weren’t quite so smooth, but she still did exceptionally well, considering we were stuck in a tiny seat for 4+ hours.
  • she continued to army crawl her way around her Great Granny’s house in San Antonio
  • met her Great Granny Washam for the first time!  We stayed at her house in SA for a whole week with Scott’s Dad and Jill and Uncle Mark.  We had so much fun.  Addilyn did so well and the time change didn’t even bother her.
  • she started taking a few crawling ‘steps’ while we were in texas
  • she cut not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR teeth while we were in texas!  Four teeth at once, can you believe that?  We only had one rough night, poor girlie.
  • sits up completely on her own, no help needed, never falls over.
  • by the end of the month she was crawling like a pro.
  • she went to Corolla, NC for the first time with my side of the family.  We stayed in the beach house for a week with 18 other people.  Addilyn loved every minute of it.
  • she met her Great Geema Hancock for the first time too!
  • she started squealing…I think she picked this up from her cousins in Corolla 🙂
  • she can pull up on things, still falls a lot, but is learning

My sweet little turkey on Thanksgiving!


Addilyn and her Great Granny in SA


Addilyn and her cousin, Jacob in Corolla

Her seventh month was a fun one.  We are loving watching her grow and explore.  Sometimes we wake up and notice changes in her overnight.  Like her understanding of words and concepts and interactions are constantly being developed.  We LOVE watching her experience this awesome world.